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Dear SITI Reader,

I am happy to announce that Technology and the Future of Health Care: Preparing for the Next 30 Years, by yours truly, won the HIMSS 2000 Book of the Year Award. The book can be ordered through the Jossey-Bass website as well as from , Barnes & Noble, Fatbrain, and probably others. I must say I deplore Amazon's sleazy business practices, and would recommend using Fatbrain.

Here's a picture of the cover--beautiful work by the AHA Press's jacket designer--and some testimonials.

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It is precisely because man's vital time is limited, precisely because he is mortal, that he needs to triumph over distance and delay. For an immortal being, the motor-car would have no meaning. 
-- Jose Ortega y Gasset  (1883-1955)
It seems we are on the verge of discovering either the genetic key to immortality, or at least other ways to live indefinitely (organ/tissue repairs using adult stem cells, for example). In that context, Ortega's remark is  interesting, but I think he failed to consider (1) that immortality may be bounded by the life of the universe, and (2) the possibility of space exploration. 

It's one thing to have all the time in the world (about 5 billion years, I think, before a  Sun swollen to Red Gianthood vaporizes the Earth) to wander this tiny planet on foot; but it's something else altogether to have only 100 billion years or so in which to wander the entire universe before the Big Crunch ... on foot. 

What do YOU think?

Best regards,

P.S. Save Otto


I wish I could get back to updating this, but too many pressures.

On a personal note, I'm still revising my magnum opus, Deus ex Machina sapiens, and the fiction book derived from it, and have also begun a book about technology and the future of democracy. Because the latter book is connected with current consulting work, it'll probably be finished first. 

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